21. Innocent corruption..

“There is nothing so painful, as walking on the shards of your own inhibitions.. There is, also, nothing so delicious as Another creating a Masterpiece of their edges.”

Not all changes occur over time. Some, in fact, are swift and vicious. Creating a vice, with which to steal the soul in all its chaotic glory. Methodic is a way to lease a less intricate statute..

 There is nothing so lovely as when the eyes behold the promises of Sin, and nothing so constricting as the lines of Heaven that blur such a glimpse. Namely, when that “one” has discovered that they favor the distinction even in the shadows of confusion. A confusion, in truth, which is labored in clarify and drawn deep within breaths of magnificent destruction. A monotonous deformity.. perhaps? 

It is every little girl’s dream to grow up, and by some fancy of illusionary grace, marry her Daddy. Some grow and ripen into disillusioned mongrels, who tilt the world, and bask in the sympathetic lisps of a Daddy’s design. Then.. there are those who walk the threaded line where no true answer can be given. They love without constraints of monogamous bearings, and wilt beneath the bindings that wear like jaded shackles upon a “normal” spirit. I.. I love beyond what’s right, live in a bliss of well drawn sin, and deem it to be worthy for the fur which wraps around my little heart. A gentle hand, a heavy heart, and all can be met in the center..

Sometimes, happiness is found in the most sorrowful places…


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