20. Illusion..


You were warned, little one..

There is a moment, when that insignificant sound plays along the silence, that your heart rambles within its cage. A moment, perhaps fleeting, in which things appear as shaded in velvet as the first waves of passion to bite the flesh.. it passes by with gasping illusion, though.

Blasphemy is deranged in its mentality of being rectified by your silence. It is a jaded fear that guides the soul, when all the lights have listlessly faded beyond a shred of recognition. It is a moment where your breath is profoundly stolen by a mere glance, and you find yourself staring into the Abyss. Fervently in prayer that it would rise up, stare back, and swallow you in the entirety of your being.

There are few things that can create a void, of desolate lands, (quickly) as someone stripping the mentality all my own. Twisting it, infecting it, and manipulating it into a creation of such retribution that it begs for a prowess it cannot be given. Few things that will strike a blow so shocking, that tangled tresses mask a barrage of lacking confidence, as one to toy with strings..knowing nothing of their estranged attachments..

A Fool will know Another..I am well versed..


4 thoughts on “20. Illusion..

      1. We’re complicated creatures and often our own worst enemies. It’s a battle, to be sure. Your words, with such beauty, describe this entanglement better than I could ever hope to. Kudos, and hugs to you sweetheart.

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