17. Shattered silence..


To what, Dear, am I owed the pleasure of such displeasure? Have you found yourself fallen, again?..yes..

It tears at the very soul, and in moments passing, I find that the voracious absurdity only builds. A rapidly encroaching abomination, uttering the foulest of desires to twist a fantasy from the wrenching heart..a heart that sputters in attempting full life once more..

It is frightening. There is no other word for it. There is a splitting of the mind, and the spirit coaxes a shattered beat to pick a path. A path so rotten and mangled with years of silence, that the vision lain upon it can scarcely comprehend…

There is ALWAYS a left, or a right. A decision that can be made in ruthless abandonment, if only the offending words could be governed somehow. What then? What then of the lips so sealed with fear, that the very lacing is crusted and threatens poison to the being sworn to be protected in this silence? It is stark. It is ugly. It is an admission that creates a diamond in showering the slopes of gentility, and it rests heavy upon some comforting material when once the day is forced to an end…

Green is nothing, if not an ugly coloration..especially when it is draped upon the flesh like a chosen garb of punishment…


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