5. Skillfully woven..

“Speak softly in whisper, Dear.. but speak carefully..”

Some things can be lain with simplicity. Needing nothing more than to be lain in the first place. Shall we proceed?..


What is done in the dark
shall come upon light
though hide we may try
with all of our might.

There is decadent sorrow
in the midst of disdain
for the whispers of pleasure
are deaf to the vain.

Thrice in the spirit
and once in the skin

bargains are worthless
when angst “lies” within.

For the meager shall rise
to inherit what gives

and the body will wither
so the soul may yet live.

~ Author: Blanka


Shall we settle now? Surely not..

Words hold a certain amount of power, per say, do they not? If you let the tangling fingers of doubt tease the senses long enough, surely, you will find yourself talked beyond the measures of succeeding. Well as if you whisper to the Abyss, something surely will whisper back, if only one waits long enough to hear the echo slowly caressing even the most hidden of depths..

We can be our own creators of madness, or of bliss, but it would seem that such trifling matters are fallen upon the cynically delicious of us all. The rest.. well.. at times one would think that in ignorance they have found a sense of bliss that verges on the euphoric. 

..and what of you? Quite right..

I have found, as I languidly reside within the confines of my mind, that all manner of things can be obtained. If even for the fleeting heartbeats of a visionary claim. There lies no secretive nature to the Beast though. No mirage of some coincidental skill to break apart what has lain dormant for countless ages. No. It is merely a decadent, spacious amount of belief that is well placed within the darkness. Settled well in soils that are ripe with conceded abstractions, and left to bask in the glow of a sullen temperament simply bristling with musings of sorrow and joyous brilliance. There is, after all, a certain afterglow that can be seen from a heart that has woven webs in healing attire. 

At the end of the day, we are only as we see ourselves. We are only as we think, as we breathe, as we speak, and as we choose to display to the masses.. or the minority. There is a bit of “tweedle” to each his own.. and further down the rabbit hole we go..


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