3. If only..


He has never been inside me, yet he knows me deeper than any..

It’s a strange notion. To sit quietly as the day progresses, teetering somewhere between exhaustion and the purest motivation to exceed within the days limitations. That moment in time when all things seem possible, even though you know they truly aren’t, and that nothing more has changed beyond your ability to get within your own mind. It would seem, that fantasies and pleasure can go a long way toward pushing someone beyond the norm of day to day structure..

He asked a promise of me, and shyly I delivered it. Only, it wasn’t shyness that touched along the edges of my cheeks as they colored. It was a hint of discovery, laced with something a little more delicate; delicious. A sweet delight in knowing that when he woke, he would be teased by the thoughts of a promise fulfilled.. And that I would be holding the information like a well kept secret. Able to divulge it as I pleased, for both his pleasure and my own. Ultimately, though, the true delight that coursed through my veins was in the subtly submissive moment of obediently following through.

As I said.. He has never been inside me, yet he somehow can touch places that lay a mystery to others. He makes my spirit sour, my heart race, my breaths catch and lump within my throat..and all I can think is of the next touch. The one that may never come..


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