0. Lost in being lost

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.
~Terry Josephson

In the depths of her mind, she was safe.. It was the most idiotic piece of opinion to cross her mind in the last few minutes, and yet, she felt that it was true. An unquestionably solid, droll, truth. The likes of which she’d seen a thousand times, and would likely see a thousand more before the clock ticked her annoyance home.

The clock. Now there was a piece of true work. As her gaze shifted upward toward the mocking little shiny bit, she couldn’t help but sigh. It wasn’t anything that would draw attention, but it was a delicate breath of passing frustration all the same. Something teasing to brush along her tongue. The moistened tip following close behind, settling into a sweep that curved her frown into something more..something. A sneer? A snarky attitude? Yeah, it was something that her Boss wouldn’t approve of, but that she’d get away with all the same.

What on Earth does a gal gotta do to get free of the monotony?Die? Throw a tantrum? Reveal more flesh than a hooker bent along some cum coated hood, worth little more than the idiot creating lies at her sight? Tiresome. It was the only word that danced its way through her mind, and took grip like a vice against her heart. Lean legs, delicately masked beneath the veil of material claimed as clothing, crossing at the curve of her knees. The press of her thigh silken. Adding to the irritation that plagued her. She wanted freedom, indeed. However, it was a freedom that came with a price, and she teetered on the edges of payment. Mostly, you see, as she currently had no offering hand to demand such. Demand… Le’ sigh..


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